Konrad Karol PolleschPolski

Paryż 1962.

Kamienie i Macewy cmentarza Remuh

"The customer must be satisfied"


The Company makes portrait-pastiches in a photo-pictorial technique.

The Company offers two types of portraits:
Type A: ‘the whole portrait’ – cheaper, type B: ‘close-up’ – more expensive.

The choice of the painting to match the portrait is up to the Company.
If the Customer wishes to choose the painting themselves, the price goes up by 30 percent.

The portraits taken by the Company as part of the pastiche, remain the property of the Company. In the case of particular admiration for the portrait on the part of the Customer,
the Company may waive the right to the portrait, but only for an additional fee.

The price of the portrait does not depend on the size between the A4 and A2 (21x30 cm
and 41x58 cm). For an additional fee, the company will fulfil the Customer’s special wishes concerning the size or the way the work is presented (computer printout, photographic enlargement or canvas stretcher).

The cost of framing will be covered by the Customer. If the Customer decides to order framing, the Company will include the cost in the bill. However, the Company will advise the Customer, at no cost whatsoever, on the best framing type and will recommend the most trustworthy framers.

The Company can present the portrait to the Customer before the finishing touches,
so that they might evaluate it. Should the Customer demand any alterations,
the Company will introduce them at no charge.

The Company renders it possible to beautify the Customer or make them look younger.
It is also possible to make their forehead higher, their nose smaller, bigger or straight,
as well as their wrinkles disappear. We can also add a sparkle of intelligence in the Customer’s eyes. All special wishes and demands can only be met at an extra fee.

We would be grateful if the Customer would direct all critical remarks, should they ever occur,
to the Company only. All expressions of admiration and delight should be directed at friends, acquaintances, as well as complete strangers.

Expressing delight or praising the finished work will have no influence whatsoever on the previously set price of the product. Any action on the part of the Customer undertaken to bargain or lower the price in any way, would be virtually unacceptable.

The Company will fulfil the Customer’s wishes concerning the inscription on the finished product. The use of expressions revealing intimacy with the Company (like ‘To the beloved…’)
or emphasizing the exceptional character of the Customer
(like ‘To the honourable/eminent/outstanding…’) or other, ordinary terms of flattery dictated
by the Customer will all demand an additional fee.

§12. You can order by cell phone: +48 602 619 631 or email: konrad@pollesch.pl

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